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*Diamond Member*

Do you like Christi’s artwork? Are you baffled by why there never seems to be much of it for sale and yet you know she makes a lot of things? Well, it’s because the Diamond Members have dibs!


The Diamond Member group was formed because fans of Christi’s art wanted to have advance notice of when new work was available to purchase so they wouldn’t miss out. 


Here’s what you’ll get: 

Invitation into the members-only “Diamond Dibs” facebook group where Christi interacts about new work, special creative goodies and other artwork stuff. 

Dibs! You’ll have first access to the sales of her new work and first access to many special creative goodies too. These take place regularly in the special fb group.

Newsletters (to keep you up to date with Diamond Member news, of course).

Discounts! Diamond members usually get discounted prices on artwork and special supplies/goodies. These will be noted in each sale.

Payment Plan options. Christi allows payment plans so you can indulge your artwork acquisition desires by spreading payments out. These are handled individually.

Warm and fuzzy feelings knowing you’re participating in a kind of “chocolate to art” exchange program. By giving Christi $5 a month, you’ll keep her stocked with high-quality chocolates, which are scientifically proven to increase creative productivity by up to 47%. Yup. Science.


Diamond Membership

$5 Month Member Subscription



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