Cute as a Button

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

To me, this time for year makes me just want to snuggle up with a cup of hot tea, and knit SO MANY cozy winter things! If you are a fellow fiber nerd, you may find you need a button or two for your projects on occasion.

And I happen to know just the thing to finish up that warm fuzzy woolen cowl you just crocheted-- polymer clay of course!

Polymer is my go-to for making my own buttons because you have so many options! If you are missing a button, you can color-match it the existing buttons and fill in the gaps. You can make your own costume and match a specific style or time period. You can save money and time by skipping the fabric store findings aisle altogether! Plus it's really fun.

Hey-- if something can solve a practical problem, but look super cute while doing it, I'm all about that! ;)

Here's some quick tips for making polymer buttons:


You can use a brooch or pendant backing as a button as-is (depending on the style) Like a shank button. This works well if you don't want your thread to disrupt your forward-facing button art. Depending on the placement of the backing, you may need to make an off-center buttonhole, like this one.