February: Making Connections

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

So this year all the themes will be emotional. Don't worry, i don't mean there will be sobbing or screeching or whooping... well, not much anyway. But i do like to

have a theme to anchor my ideas to when i'm deciding

what to share with you and this is a year of emotional

adjustments for me (and i suspect for many of you as

well), so it seemed like a good fit. Last month we felt all "Warm&Fuzzy" - a good way to

start the year with winter for many of our members.

But this month, i want to think about the connections

we have in life - to our loved ones (people and pet), to our place, to music, to ideas. Humans are a bundle of connections. No video hello this time, just some thoughts.

So enjoy the two new projects this month and maybe think about how connections can inspire your creative time. Happy February!