Growth & Metamorphosis: March Musings

I'm going with themes this year that have some emotional content. Something to muse upon during the month while doing the fun projects. This month, I am thinking about transformations. My own life is in a transformation stage at the moment, and I have to admit I feel somewhat like our toothy tadpole (this month's main project) - halfway between what I was and what I will be. It's weird, and a little awkward, but also exciting and energizing. As you create this month, maybe think about making things that are in that transitional state - moving from one thing to another. It could be using a lot of blends, or mica shift this month. Or you could make creatures coming out of eggs, emerging from coccoons or sprouting from seeds. Maybe fantasy creatures that are morphs, like chimeras or gryphons. You'll come up with fun things I'm sure!... and speaking of which, be looking for my email announcement about when and where to post your growth/metamorphosis images for feedback and some fun prizes! Happy creating!