Hello! it's September creativity

Hi all you Creative Circle members! usually i do a little hello video, but it'll just be this chitchat word blog this time! ;-D September is a month of changing - seasons are shifting in many parts of the world (not so much here in Maui, though), and that can be a good influence for creativity! So use any momentum this month to grab a little "you" time and just play with your clays! I think both of the projects this month will start you thinking along a different path and i hope will lead to further creative ideas. I can't wait to see what else you come up with! The Suiseki stone project has got me imagining large worlds in small spaces, and the Pearly Swirly Frame idea seems like just the start of a series of decorated frames. I'll keep you posted! And don't forget our Sunday LiveChat/makealongs - 7am hawaii time (or when the time zones shift, 8am). See ya in the group soon!