So i've been thinking for a while how to transform the Creative Circle into something better. i've got ideas, and they'll be rolling out as i get them perfected, but one thing i really wanted to do was to make an interactive aspect where we could share the monthly themes and you could get feedback on your progress. Ya know, a group thingy. And finally i got it set up. A new facebook group, by invitation only to Golden Circle members. That's you! i'll be adding posts including some challenges/shares and chances to get some extra bonus stuff. but for now, just be checking your 'notifications' for the invite (that's the bell-shaped icon on the top right of your fb page). Accept it when you see it and let me know if you aren't in by the end of this week, ok! (you can message me: Christi Friesen, or email me: Here's to a more enriching creative experience!