Lean Into It this month: April new content

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, i've been choosing themes with an emotional impact this year. i had something planned for April, but then there was this coronavirus.

So i pondered... what do i want to say creatively this month that also is timely?

Lean into it.

What does that mean?

Sometimes life can be challenging, things don't always go the way you planned, or an unexpected obstacle shows up. How you respond will determine whether that challenge becomes more difficult or can be successfully met. I really like the phrase “lean into it” because it is both a physical an emotional way of meeting a challenge. You don't let the challenge blow you backwards or push you off course, instead you lean into it with determination and often that is enough to bring victory. This is an instinctive reaction in humans. Think about a strong wind. How do we deal with that? We lean forward! What happens when we're going around a steep curve on a wheeled vehicle? We lean into the curve so we don’t topple! It's a good thing to remember because although we do that instinctively with physical challenges we can sometimes forget to do that with mental and emotional ones.

So think of that this month as you create these new projects, or just as you do whatever you do. I'll be leaning with you!

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