Let's talk about myth and how it can inspire us

the famous dragon of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mythology. Gods and goddesses, dragons and pheonix, heros and demons. The history of humans is interwined in myth. And luckily for us creative-types, they were and still are the most universal and pervasive subject of all artistic expression. Think of your latest trip. How many times did something mythological show up as a statue or a painting or decorating a building!

I've been a bit partial to creating dragons myself. You may have noticed.

So of course we know that the myth of dragons really symbolizes deep human experiences. Fear of a predator, of course, but also, depending on which culture is inventing the dragon myth, dragons can also represent greed and destructive power, enlightenment and protection, or loyalty and wisdom.

All that is great, but I just like to make them because of all the curvy bits.