Let's talk about "series"

Here is a series I created entitled “Germination.” It is easy to see why they belong in a collection together - the subject matter of course, but also how i’ve mounted them (wooden canvases of the same size). One of the easiest ways to create continuity in a collection is to make the presentation consistent.

Name your collection/series. These are “Mystery Specimens” and each time I make another one of these odd creatures, it gets the same title, so the series can be ongoing... forever!

As of course it should! who doesn't want a weirdo in a test tube, right?

But it does go to show the value of making a series - the anticipation of wondering what will be added and when. Keeping people wanting more is one of the perks of being an artist.

Let's look at another one.

It’s those outstretched hands, right?! Each piece in this series entitled "Reach, Grow" has that one similar element - the outstretched hand, which implies reaching and reaching can be symbolic for striving to go forward, to grow. When you explore a theme, you automatically have a series, but adding a repeating feature unifies the whole series, which will make it feel much more evolved.

These are some of the collections I've created. I want to create more of these kinds of things this year. What about you? What collections will you create, I wonder.

happy creating!

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