Need stuff to make stuff with this month?

Every month in the Creative Neighborhood I'd point out some special products that would be useful for the month's projects. Obviously that's a good way to keep you headed over to my site for my product line, duh.

But I also like to show you the way to any other useful products! As a fellow artist, I really am interested in finding cool things to use in my creativity and sharing that info with you all is just fun. Here are a few links to items of possible interest this month!

Powders: you always need them.

This is a Surface FX "faves" set that really comes in handy!

This has been my glaze of choice for years now. You'll use it in the Flying Scarab project. It really makes the ceramic-glaze look work. Make sure you always have a little jar of

Sculpey Satin Glaze on hand!

You know how you always need acrylic paint? This month we use it to antique the goddess talisman. But we creatives ALWAYS need paint! I came across the set of my very favorite brand - Liquetex Basics in a wonderful 36 piece assortment for under $25! I ordered it, maybe you'd like a set?

Hope that helps your creating this month!

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