Some cool supplies this month

In the "tricks" portion of the Golden Circle this month i show you a little ring trick. Looking for some deep bezel ring blanks? Nunn Design has some nice ones. This is a wholesale site, but they do have some retail sales, including this nifty ring cluster.

Glass micro beads - a great way to add dots to polymer clay, epoxy clay and resin! Fire Mountain Gems online has a nice assortment! Click here to check em out.

want to add some silk screened dots to your clay work this month? Check out this awesome graduated dot pattern silk screen by Moiko!

if you grab one and use it, let me know, i wanna see how it turns out, ok?

See the row of dots in the middle of this stamp? How could you use that this month? Grab "Rock On" and find out! (don't forget to use your Golden Circle Member coupon code for a discount!

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