Authentic vintage Blue Willow plate pieces

set of 20 random small pieces


I've acquired some lovely old blue willow plates and initiated a gravity-assisted discombobulation (i threw them over the balcony onto the parking lot below... don't worry they were in plastic baggies so they didn't get all over everywhere!) That's a really fun way to create shards that are PERFECT for use in mosaic pieces or whatever you are creating that needs a unique infusion of nostalgia.

These plates are vintage - between 50-100 years old, made in Japan. The glaze has the crackle of age (which you can enhance using acrylic paint or alcohol ink).

I kind of really love them these small shards, each is a pattern of loveliness, a gem.


What will you do with them, i wonder?

Authentic vintage Blue Willow plate - small pieces

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