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Butterfly Mosaic pendant KIT
EVERYTHING you need is in the kit! nothing else required to make this butterfly pendant!

This kit goes with the "how to" video on my youtube channel, here:

You don't have to use the items i used in the video (you can substitute stuff from your own stash), but if you'd like to follow along as you learn with the same materials and tools, that's always easier, i think.

This kit contains:
. ApoxieSculpt epoxy clay (1/10pound set of White epoxy clay)
. small piece of non-stick silicon as a work mat

. paintbrush
. needlenose tweezers
. pickup pencil
. 2 sterling silver plated head pins and 2 eyepins

. a small plastic vial of glass tube beads

. a small amount of brown pigment powder, in a plastic vial 

. a small plastic vial of spiral sea shells 

. a small plastic vial of "green mix" natural stone chips 

. a small plastic vial of glass rhinestones, AB flat-back/heatfix

Butterfly Mosaic pendant KIT

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