Coral Hearts (epoxy clay reproductions) - set of 4 different hearts

each is cast from natually occurring 'ocean washed' coral hearts from Maui


natural white-grey, rock-hard, flat on the back


I like to wander along the beach at sunset (who doesn't?) and from time to time the ocean gifts me with a little coral heart.
There is a lot of strong local feelings about the gifts of the sea and land staying here on Maui where they belong, so of course i can't give you the actual coral one, but i did make molds! so these are epoxy clay cast impressions of the exact corals.

They can be painted, or stained, and added to resin, polymer clay, epoxy clay and other materials.

Lovely aren't they?

I picked my four favorites for this set. I hope you'll like them too.

Coral Hearts (epoxy clay reproductions) - set of 4

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