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CF Project series Book 4

"Cats: Big and Small"


This fourth book in the CF Sculpture Series is just full of feline fun. The big cats - lions and tigers and pumas, (oh my!) will roar to life as polymer clay focal beads, masks and sculptures. But not to be outdone, a parade of kitties will show who really rules. Throughout the book, embellishments of beads, fibers, and surface treatments will make this a book you want to cuddle up with.


This book was first printed in 2007, so it is what it is, but there are still loads of good tips, tricks and projects in it!

50 pages in full color with lots of step by step photos.


There are still copies available of the paper version! so if you want one of those too... or instead... click away from here over to my ONLINE STORE.



ebook: CF Project series Book 4 "Cats: Big and Small"

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