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CF Project series Book 6

"Birds of a Feather"


It's not just birdbrains that will enjoy Birds of a Feather, the 6th book in Christi Friesen's "Beyond Projects" series. The pages of this how-to volume pack more ornithological fun than a seed feeder at lunchtime! There's a flamboyant flamingo, an owl (possibly wise, possibly not), a fiery phoenix and a flock of other polymer clay creations. Christi's warm writing style and helpful nudgings will stir up your creativity and imagination. This book will make sculpting with polymer clay even more enjoyable, no matter what your skill level. The emphasis is on color, composition, and creativity, but the real treat is in seeing how to add embellishments of pearls, beads and mixed media to your creations. Tweet tweet! This book is fine feathered fun!


This book was first printed in 2009 and revised in 2014, so it is what it is, but there are lots of fun ideas and techniques.

50 pages in full color with lots of step by step photos.


There are still copies available of the paper version! so if you want one of those too... or instead... click away from here over to my ONLINE STORE.



ebook: CF Project series Book 6 "Birds of a Feather"

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