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LittleWorlds kit: "LadyGreenman Purple Grove"
one of a kind


Lately I’ve been having fun creating little worlds - a dish and some fun treasures to make a little fantasy scene… for no reason, just for fun!


Of course you can make these too out of things you have lying around!

Try it, it’s fun!

Here’s a little YouTube vid to get you in the mood:


But I thought it might be fun for me to put together some special kits featuring treasures and goodies from my own stash!


This kit includes of a limited edition “little world creatures” - Wee Greenman

and these ingredients for you to arrange in your own way:

. a ceramic dish

. a big luscious natural stone amethyst crystal cluster
. two polymer clay flowers
. a bundle of cool sticks

LittleWorlds kit: "LadyGreenman Purple Grove"

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