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LittleWorlds kit series: "Starfish Reunion"

qty: 12 of these kits are available


Lately I’ve been having fun creating little worlds - a dish and some fun treasures to make a little fantasy scene… for no reason, just for fun!


Of course you can make these too out of things you have lying around!

Try it, it’s fun!

Here’s a little YouTube vid to get you in the mood:


But I thought it might be fun for me to put together some special kits featuring treasures and goodies from my own stash!


This kit includes of the limited edition “little world creatures” - Sweet Merling

and these ingredients for you to arrange in your own way:

. a natural scallop shell 
. beach sand
. an assortment of tiny little shells

. 2 pieces of coral from my wanderings in many beaches in the world, who even knows where!
. 5 teensy natural dried starfish 

LittleWorlds kit series: "Starfish Reunion"

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