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Mosaic Pendant KITS

Each kit contains all the embellishments and the bezel needed to make a simple but stunning pendant! And oh! So easy to assemble!

Note: these kits do NOT include ApoxieSculpt epoxy clay which you will need to create the pendant. Just one 1/10pound size of black ApoxieSculpt is enough to create multiple pendants (you can grab it here in my online shop - click the link above or just head over to 'supplies' in my store section!)

If you are new to creating with epoxy clay, I suggest you get the Mosaic Essentials Kit, which contains both the ApoxieSculpt and other things you'll need to create with.

 I will be showing you HOW to create these pendants as part of the FREE online event:
"The Great Bead Extravaganza's Fall Fest" Oct. 22-23. 

These kits contain handmade murrini glass pieces created by Glassworks Northwest! A big shoutout to Kristi for working with me so i could showcase her exceptional pieces!You can visit her etsy store here:

Mosaic Pendant KITS

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