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sorry, no longer available:

meet "Yeti toddler"
a new edition to my glowinthedark ghoulie series

she's so proud of her new fang! now she can crunch on a chunk of ice just like the bigkid yetis. 

as with all my gitd ghoulie series, i make each myself by hand and they are all signed. each will look similar, of course but not identical!

i only make each series for a limited time, so grab yours quick ok

NOTE: because i am traveling to see family in early Nov, these will not ship until mid Nov. If you have ordered this along with other items, i'll ship those right away and this will ship later, no extra shipping costs to you.

thanks as always for supporting my art!

(hint - display yours like i did, standing in a little pile of salt for a snowy look)

(series sold out) limited edition series: "Yeti toddler"

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