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emotional support go-bag

(same ingredients, 2 insert/label choices:

a supportive one and one with a play on words)


when you need a little help to reset, calm, transition

happy support for all your senses

youtube vid - lemme show ya:


i put together this little “emotional support” go-bag as a fun way to help you calm frazzled nerves, reset activated emotions, loosen creative blocks and just all-around aid in transitioning to a more relaxed you!


this fun clutch contains something for all the senses:


smell: unscrew the tin and take a small breath of “calm” essential oil blend*


taste: your mouth will expand with a tiny Italian hard candy (plant color, no dyes)


hear: kazoo! hum into either end and let your inner child out to play. humming is also very good for parasympathetic nervous system relaxation. for reals!


feel: squeeze, squish and smush the lil animal pal to active touch & reduce tension


see: everything in this go-bag is colorful! so your eyes will have lots of happy hues to focus on. but wait! there’s more! a small journal and clicky multi-colored pen so you can doodle in color too!


bonus: natural stone rose quartz heart. this stone is associated with your heart and feelings of peace and safety. feel the smoothness in your fingers and let your heart feel nurtured.


just b r e a t h e . . . and gently reset yourself!

give a Shift! get one for you and one to share!

>not made for children, so if you share with young ones, please be responsible for their safety with any small parts (like the tiny candies!
*essential oil drops used = a blend of peppermint, sage, ginger, cardamon and fennel oils

emotional support go-bag (2 options)

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