Curious Collection series:  the "Wayfinder" collection

a unique gathering of goodies
unique, only one available

Sometimes  I like to wander thru my treasures (the things i've found who knows were and the things i've gathered from my travels), and put together a collection of curiosities to create with.

Sometimes i do the same, but with the intent that the collection  might amuse and inspire you. 

Each collection is completely one-of-a-kind. While i might have several more of somethings (for instance i have a handful of the coconut beads still in my studio stash), others are unique (the spiral polymer piece i made, for example), so each collection is the only one.

These curious collections are not really "bargains" but they are instead creative treasures. At least i think so. Maybe this one will speak to you?


This collection contains these creative curiosities:

1 large shard of raku pottery

5 round coconut beads

5 sea urchin spine fragment, Maui sea-tumbled

3 triangular large Unikite beads

2 pieces driftwood, found in Kahalui, Maui

1 epoxy clay freeform sand-coated oval

1 polymer clay spiral/leaf art piece

5 large pearls - coin and baroque types

1 unique piece of traditional Hawaiian hand-made tapa (bark) cloth fragment

SOLD the "Wayfinder" collection

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