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Heat-activated malleable plastic sheets.

Set contains two sheets of ThermaClear.


ThermaClear is a thick plastic sheeting. It can be used with polymer and many other arts and crafts materials.


To shape it, heat to aprox. 250ºF with a heat gun, and manipulate it while warm. You can use rubber gloves to shield fingers from heat. ThermaClear will cool after several minutes but can be reheated over and over again to continue shaping.


View the full how-to video here.


Hard, but not brittle once cooled, so it's ideal for use in sculpting and jewelry-making.

ThermaClear does connect to itself with heat, but for a more permanent attachment, use clear super glue to attach pieces to each other.


Can be tinted with alcohol inks and mica powders (use the heat gun to set mica powders).


ThermaClear - two sheets

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