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Creative Nudge Cards + expansion set!
main card deck of 54 cards in custom card box
expansion deck of 9 additional cards

Does your creativity sometimes need a little nudge?
Are you sometimes in the mood to create, but not quite sure what to do?We all get stumped sometimes. That's what this card set is for - to nudge your creativity and set you in motion... to MAKE!

Three categories of cards - Palettes, Techniques and Motifs.
Shuffle each category and pick one card from each at random. Let the ideas and suggestions on your chosen cards suggest the colors to work with, the theme to explore and the techniques to use... and off you go! Endless combinations!

And because no one is looking, you can cheat - don't like a card you picked for that day, put it back and pick another!


Sometimes all your creativity needs is a little nudge.

Full color. Best quality.

Creative Nudge Cards + expansion set

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