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CF Project series Book 2

"Welcome to the Jungle"


This is the second book in the Beyond Projects series. Detailed photos, step-by-step instructions and a quirky sense of humor make this series a great way to explore sculpting with polymer clay, no matter what your skill level. In this book, you will enjoy making exotic leaves and flowers, furry creatures, bugs and frogs. You will also learn how to add embellishments to your creations, using pearls, semi-precious stones and beads. These will be used to make pendants, sculptures, wall art and more! It's not just a project book, it's an adventure.


This book was first printed in 2006, so it is what it is, but there are still some good tips, tricks and projects in it!

50 pages in full color with lots of step by step photos.


This book is out of print now, but you can have fun with this digital edition!



ebook: CF Project series Book 2 "Welcome to the Jungle"

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