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CF Project series Book 5

"Down Under"


G'day! In this fifth book in Christi Friesen's "Beyond Projects" series, you will have a clayfully good time making polymer koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, gum tree leaves and flowers and lots more. Christi's warm writing style and helpful nudgings will stir up your creativity and imagination. Techniques include adding beads, stones and crystals to your designs, simple caning, color mixing, stylizing and surface treatments. Part project, part travelogue -- all fun! Crikey!


This book was first printed in 2008, so it is what it is, but there are lots of fun ideas and techniques.

50 pages in full color with lots of step by step photos.


This book is now out of print, and only available as a digital edition.



ebook: CF Project series Book 5 "Down Under"

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