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sold out - thank you!

limited edition glow in the dark ghoulie: "Apprentice Witchling"

Why am i making witchlings in June? 
Due to popular demand in the Christi Universe, we're having a SpookySilly Summerween online event in JULY... because Halloween is so fun, it should be twice a year, right?
In preparing for the event, this little witchling just kinda made itself, so who am i to question the muses of creativity.

If you want a little spookysilly in your life right now, grab one, cuz i'm only making these until i'm over it!

Although they are all "the same", i make each one so they're all different too.
the "smoke" is wool - pretty cool, huh?
each is signed.

*sold out* limited edition gitd ghoulie: "Apprentice Witchling"

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