'Bird' series: "Lookout"



polymer veneers over polymer forms with painted surface treatment (acrylic)mounted on painted (acrylic) wooden canvas with 23k. gold leaf

wire hanger in backsigned

veneers. it was all about polymer clay veneers. i was experimenting with creating patterns in sheets of polymer and needed a colorful subject matter to use these veneer experiments on, so it was either birds or flowers. i was in a bird mood at the time. the patterns are made using cane techniques, blending techniques and patterning techniques. the finished colorful surfaces are smooth to the touch.
the black outlining of clay is a unifying element and is an homage to the posters of the Art Nouveau period, a look i adore and which seemed perfect for these bird pieces.
painting the backgrounds on the wooden canvases was as much fun as the sculpting. 


to see the full series, go to the 'Gallery' section


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